Health Fund Cover

  1. Plan to get the most out of your extras cover
    Timing may make a difference to how much you benefit from extras cover.
    Did you realise that health funds set an annual extras limit and this limit will not “roll over” to the next year?

Most annual limits are reset on the 1 January each year or the end of the financial year. A small number of funds use your policy anniversary as the reset date.
Make sure you book early enough around the Christmas rush to utilise your extras cover.
A list of reset dates are available here but check your fund directly for accuracy. – health fund

Also be aware that health funds will have a limit to the number and timing of dental checkups. Contact our reception staff if you want to know when you had your last checkup.

  1. Review the cover relative to the benefits
    Health Funds make a lot of money out of extras cover. You may not have the cover you need for the treatment you need. Check out the limits for individual item so you don’t have unexpected expenses.
    If you haven’t compared the benefit of cover with your general expense it is good to do this today. – health fund
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